It’s my mom!

So, rather than being super vague, I just want to say: It’s my mom. She had a stroke last month and is recovering. She’s going through all kinds of therapy; Speech, Occupational, Physical, and she’s also seeing a nurse. Having a family member suffer a stroke during a pandemic is hard — we couldn’t visit her in the hospital, we couldn’t send her flowers or gifts and just not being able to be there for her and knowing exactly what was going on was incredibly frustrating.

But this is my life now. I’m staying at home and taking care of her while she’s recovering. This task is not for everyone — you’re literally sacrificing all of your time to someone else. You’re a slave to their time clock and schedule. I struggled hard with it the first few weeks, especially because I wasn’t the original caregiver. Maybe if I’d come into this whole situation even slightly more prepared, I would’ve handled it better.

I’ve been at my mom’s for almost a month and only seen my husband a handful of times. Mind you, we celebrated his birthday AND my son’s birthday while I was taking care of my mother. I have bursitis in both of my shoulders and hip, and my left knee has newly been acting up. I dropped my whole life and suddenly don’t care if my body hurts. If that’s not love and loyalty, I don’t know what is.

I’m coping with it better now. She’s getting stronger everyday. That’s all that matters — that’s all I need to keep a smile on my face every morning.

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